Mad Academy

The Multimedia Arts and Design Academy is a distinctive educational community within Santa Barbara High School. They prepare their students for college and the workplace by providing both traditional and interdisciplinary project-based learning in the evolving field of media arts and technology. The Academy’s collaborative environment emphasizes critical thinking, creativity, meaningful community service and the development of leadership skills. Academic excellence is pursued in smaller classes with state of the art equipment. They value integrity, teamwork and a passion for learning that prepares our diverse student body to succeed in the global community.

At Nicholson & Schwartz, we believe in the value of giving back. Our partners and staff are involved with several nonprofit associations and we encourage our friends and clients to do the same.

Here is a list and links to organizations we feel passionate about. We would like to share our experience and get your input on your organizations.

Animal Rescue Team

Co-founded in 2007, Animal Rescue Team exists to support and provide quality animal rescue, treatment, rehabilitation and release to all sick, injured, orphaned and displaced animals In accordance with current standards in the field. Located in the Santa Ynez Valley, A.R.T. is the only animal rescue facility equipped with an animal ambulance on the Central Coast. Whether the call comes from a resident or one of the many public agencies with which A.R.T. works closely in Santa Barbara County, A.R.T. is available to respond 24/7 to an injured, orphaned, or displaced wild animal.

Santa Barbara Bowl

The Santa Barbara Bowl believes the arts are critical for human existence, essential to the development of a healthy society, and should be accessible to all individuals. Education Outreach is dedicated to provide support and funding for performing arts education in the Santa Barbara community. Part of the core of the Bowl Foundation’s mission statement, Education Outreach reaches approximately 20,000 touch-points with students each year. Today the Outreach program provides funding to artists, schools and nonprofit arts programs to advance performing arts education in our area.

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